Memorable incentive travel for your rewarding program

Make the most of your investment in incentive travel in Italy with our extensive expertise and services. As a seasoned incentive travel agency, we understand your need for tailor-made programs that can reward your best clients or motivate your teams.

Experience only the best of Italy – one of the world’s most inspiring destinations – through a journey crafted to meet your specific goals. We can transform your investment into a memorable success story.

I have collaborated with Motivation local incentive travel agency in Italy, for almost thirty years. We have organized dozens of group trips across diverse regions, and with the Motivation team, we have consistently achieved superior results, with customers expressing their satisfaction afterward.

Expertise, professionalism, dedication, and loyalty are some of the characteristics of this company! They are the finest partner to work with in Italy.
Motivation's client: incentive travel and corporate event company from The Netherlands
Jeroen Berens
Director First Incentive Travel NL
We have worked together with MOTIVATION with a very important corporate group from an automaker for whom we made a trip to Milan to attend the Monza race and everything has turned out perfectly.

The whole team always thinking about the details and always anticipating all potential inconveniences.

All the guests returned to Argentina happy with this experience.
Santiago Bell
Sales Manager Dafing Group

Best Clients Nurturing

Reward clients who drive your business forward and encourage them to become repeat clients with a long lifetime value.

These kinds of projects deserve experiences that go beyond the ordinary.  

Through exclusive activities and unique experiences in an iconic destination such as Italy, we ensure your best clients feel valued, and we help you create a strong bond with them lasting beyond the event and allows you to keep nurturing your relationship with clients, always within the budget you decide to dedicate to your events.

Employer Retention Projects

Employer retention projects are vital now more than ever in today’s world of frequent job rotation.

Secure the best talents for your company by investing in incentive travel as an occasion to support employer retention.

Our custom projects help you build long-lasting relationships within your teams.

We design incentive travel programs in Italy, keeping in mind your objectives, to strengthen team cohesion, improve employee satisfaction, and boost overall engagement.

Sales Force Rewarding

Celebrate your sales force achievements with an incentive travel to one of the world-renowned destinations in Italy.

This is a powerful tool for rewarding your people for their success and an occasion to thank them for their efforts.

A custom-designed incentive trip in Italy is a way to show them your esteem for their results through unique and unforgettable experiences. Motivate them to continue growing professionally, winning challenges, reaching new goals, and becoming models for their younger colleagues.

A country of extraordinary destinations

Italy boasts a wealth of impressive destinations. We will guide you to choose the most suitable location for your event, whether it is one of the most vibrant art cities like Rome, Florence, Naples, or Milan, a smaller, charming town, or an off-the-beaten-tracks destination. Your guests will enjoy the best of what this country has to offer.

Add what Italy has to offer to your incentive trip

Our incentive travels in Italy go beyond mere sightseeing.

Thanks to Italy’s rich culture, cuisine, and traditions, we can design the experiences that best match your event’s goals and your company’s values.

Your guests will be introduced to the remarkable Italian heritage.

Vatican museum exclusive visit for incentive travel in Italy

The thrill of exclusive experiences in Italy

If you want something unique for your event, we can craft custom experiences and provide exclusive access to some of Italy’s hidden treasures that your guests could not get traveling on their own.

Whether it’s a special tour of a historic vineyard or an unexpected private concert, we support your idea of an amazing incentive trip.

Safety is a key element in Incentive Travel

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our participants.

Motivation is a fully licensed and insured company, and we apply all the procedures required by the law for the safety of small and large groups.

We are always prepared with a plan B for the most critical moments of your event. And when unforeseen situations occur, we can count on our experience, problem-solving skills, and extensive network of relationships that enables us to handle emergencies effectively.


Contact our team today, and let’s discuss your incentive travel project in Italy.

Event planning Services

Let us inspire you with some examples of what we can plan for you:

  • Bus, minivan, and car transfers
  • High-speed train tickets
  • Accommodation and venue finding and booking
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Catering service
  • Skilled staff – drivers, hostesses, interpreters
  • Video-makers, photographers
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Lighting system
  • Decorations and entertainment
  • Social program with guided tours and unique experiences
  • Restaurants and private venues for gala dinners
  • Team building and networking activities
  • Gifts and giveaways

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