Family-friendly Italy

Every family’s journey is unique, especially when exploring Italy’s captivating landscapes and rich culture.

Our customized luxury Italy family tours cater to families of all compositions and sizes, ensuring memorable experiences for each member, regardless of age. Whether you’re adventuring with energetic toddlers, curious teenagers, or cherished elders—or perhaps a vibrant mix of all in a big family reunion — our Italy’s family-friendly offerings promise to keep everyone engaged, delighted, and joyful.

Kid-Friendly Italy Tours

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Comfort for Older Family Members

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Private Celebrations in Italy

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Italian Heritage Tours

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Customized Luxury Family Tours of Italy:
Your Adventure, Your Way

Catering to families embarking on Italian adventures has been our pleasure and expertise for many years. We understand that traveling with family can bring unique challenges and unmatched joys.

Our customized luxury family tours of Italy are designed to ensure you experience Italy in a way that fits your family’s preferences and pace.

Traveling to Italy with kids - multigenerational cooking class

Kid-Friendly Italy Tours: Discovering Italy’s Wonders with Your Children

As you gear up for your trip, we’d love to share a few tips from our wealth of experience assisting families like yours in creating unforgettable Italian vacations.

Remember, with our customized tours. Your adventure unfolds just the way you envision it. And with our professional guides at your side, every site becomes a riveting adventure for even your youngest children, thanks to engaging narratives and captivating tales.

In Milan, nothing is better than the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci, with its unique collection of old airplanes, ships, and trains and a section dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. Children will appreciate the defensive fortress Sforza Castle and its big park. At the same time, it can be curious to visit the privately owned Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, a historic house with intriguing collections and some secrets, located right in front of the Four Seasons Hotel Milano.

In Florence, a trip to the Museum of Costume and Fashion will be a hit for kids and teens alike. It offers a rotating collection of historic to modern attire and jewelry from the 1700s to the present, including stage costumes used by stars in famous 20th-century performances. And while you are in town, try a family cooking competition or a gelato workshop ending with an abundant gelato tasting! If you are considering visiting wine producers in the countryside, ask to add an olive oil tasting for your kids, as Tuscany is equally renowned for its production of extra virgin olive oil.

In Rome, the Colosseum is certainly a must, though sometimes kids have great expectations of the monument’s interior. So, why don’t you try the augmented reality experiences? This is always appreciated also by teenagers. AR is spread in renowned archeological areas like the Caracalla Baths and the ancient Roman houses in the heart of the historical center. Then visit the bio-Park and take a walk or bike in the Villa Borghese Park, ending your tour with a picnic.

In Naples, you can visit the MANN archeological museum with children. Most objects in the Pompeii and Herculaneum areas are displayed here. And if you also plan to visit one of these two archeological sites, consider that Herculaneum is smaller and well-preserved, so it might be a good choice if you travel with younger kids – or older family members, especially in summer. Children are also fascinated by the Castel dell’Ovo, a fortress on the sea in the center of Naples, the Royal Palace next to the San Carlo Opera Theater, and the Train Museum, a thirty-minute drive from Naples.

Comfort for Older Family Members: Tailored Private Italy Family Tours

Navigating Italy’s historical centers and archaeological sites can sometimes be challenging for those with mobility concerns, particularly wheelchair users. But with some thoughtful pre-trip planning, you can craft an itinerary that steers clear of these more difficult areas.

When touring Italy with older family members, we suggest always opting for private transportation, such as a car or minivan, coupled with the services of professional drivers and dedicated guides. This guarantees a comfortable and smooth experience for everyone.

Ensuring that your family’s unique needs and preferences are well-communicated to all staff involved in the tour can make a world of difference in your experience. Each aspect, from special dietary requirements to physical restrictions and particular interests, contributes to a fully tailored travel experience.

Specific interests, be it art, history, archeology, music, fashion, design, architecture, sport, or nature, can steer the tour to engage deeply with Italy’s rich cultural and natural landscape.

Food is certainly part of exploring Italy’s diverse and regional culture, and nowadays, in the modern concept of Italian cuisine, this is compatible with most special diets.

Do not forget to allow some free, private time for older adults to rest, especially in summer in the hottest hours of the early afternoon, while the youngest ones might still have the energy to play, and teens want to have some time on their own.

Private Celebrations in Italy: an occasion for multigenerational reunions

In our experience, we often see parents longing to revisit the cherished locales of their wedding or honeymoon for their anniversaries, only this time, their children accompany them.

Similarly, grandparents, seeking quality time with their children and grandchildren, organize grand family trips to Italy, bringing together generations under the Italian sun.

Italy serves as a stunning background for these multigenerational reunions.

Imagine celebrating Grandmother’s birthday with an authentic Italian banquet brimming with regional delicacies. Or marking a silver or golden anniversary with a sumptuous dinner set against the enchanting backdrop of Venice.

These shared experiences in the heart of Italy create good memories and strengthen the relationship with family members, even if they all live in different cities.

We can fully customize your experience, from selecting private locations to the decorations, entertainment, catering, accommodation, and everything else you might need to celebrate in style.

Italian Heritage Tours: dive into the story of your ancestors

Did your family originally come from Italy? Rediscover your roots as you explore your family’s past with a customized tour of your ancestors’ hometown in Italy.

Many families worldwide have roots extending back to Italy – a vibrant past that spans sprawling cities, quaint villages, and picturesque countryside. Whether your ancestors hailed from the bustling heart of Naples, the serene country of Veneto, or the charming cobblestone streets of a remote Sicilian village, we can craft a unique tour that includes visits to your family’s original town.

Engaging in such a remarkable family project can be a unique bonding experience that appeals to all ages. While it can be inspiring to unearth details about your ancestors, you may also gain deeper insights into your family’s identity.

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  • Immersive cultural experiences such as art workshops and opera performances
  • Behind-the-scenes access to local artisans
  • After-hour access and skip-the-line tickets to museums
  • Chauffeured car transfers
  • High-speed and historical train tickets
  • Exclusive shore excursions
  • Accommodation, including luxury hotels, private villas, and castles
  • Suggestions and booking for lunches and dinners
  • Skilled staff – local guides, drivers, chefs, personal shoppers


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