Safe Solo Travel

Italy is a very welcoming and safe destination for solo travelers, also for women solo travelers who are increasing year after year.

We suggest planning most of the details of your itinerary in advance and then having the freedom to explore Italy at your own pace. Including private, professional guides will add an opportunity to learn more about the land, its history, and its people beyond what tourists can usually see directly in a few days.

Leisure and Work

Bleisure solo travelers planning to visit Italy in a mix of work and leisure might consider ....[continue reading]

Interacting with the locals

Traveling on your own does not mean ...[continue reading]

Safe Solo Travel

In case you are wondering whether traveling alone in Italy is safe, the general answer is s...[continue reading]

Solo travel embodies the essence of personalized travel, offering you the freedom to embrace your passions, whims, and curiosities.

In our long experience with luxury travel in Italy, we have often designed custom-tailored programs for solo travelers who want to enjoy their journey through Italy with a blend of safety, privacy, and authentic interaction with the local culture.

With our guidance as local experts, you can plan an itinerary that perfectly balances tours and activities for a seamless experience when visiting must-see sites or participating in authentic local experiences.

At the same time, you have ample leisure time and the flexibility for spontaneous exploration if a newfound interest catches your eye!

Leisure and work

Solo travelers planning to visit Italy on their own in a mix of work and leisure might consider staying at a centrally located apartment with the necessary working space rather than being confined to a hotel suite.

Note that in some areas of Italy, especially in the countryside or near mountains, the Wi-Fi connection might not be sufficient for your needs, so it is advisable to check this critical information in advance.

We can suggest and book high-end accommodation for you in the most desirable destinations, adding all the extra services you might require for a comfortable stay, customizing your bleisure experience of Italy, and planning tours and activities around your working needs.

Interacting with the locals

Traveling on your own does not mean you have to be alone all the time. Booking a private local guide can be a good starting point for learning more about the Italian mentality, language, and traditions.

Additional opportunities to engage directly with locals include participating in hands-on cooking classes, exploring vibrant markets, uncovering local artisanal shops, and visiting authentic wine vineyards and olive oil production farms.

Furthermore, if you can stand the crowd, you can immerse yourself in local culture by participating in festivities such as the city’s patron saint feast or historical reenactments, especially if you opt for unusual itineraries in less renowned destinations. These unique experiences provide firsthand insight into Italy’s rich traditions and communal spirit.

Safe solo travel

In case you are wondering whether traveling alone in Italy is safe, the general answer is yes, it is safe.

We recommend some precautions that are the same in every other country and big city: keep your most valuable belongings safe and avoid showing off expensive jewelry or cameras, especially if you visit crowded monuments.

Plan ahead so that you are familiar with the areas you want to see and their pros and cons – our staff will offer advice on the itinerary you choose. And with our drivers and guides, you always travel safely.

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Best Italy Tours for Solo Travelers

Among the best Italy tours for solo travelers, you can count on sightseeing in the main art cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples, all inter-connected via high-speed trains and airports.

Suppose you will reach well-renowned destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Apulia, Sicily, and the Tuscan countryside. In that case, you will certainly need a car to explore the area – and we suggest a chauffeured car as driving and parking in some areas of Italy may be challenging.

Among the best solo travel destinations, however, we list some of the smaller Italian cities and villages that are quieter, safe, and hold art gems, like Verona, Padua, Lucca, Parma, Siena, Mantua, Ferrara, Perugia, to name a few.

We can help you plan a personalized itinerary in Italy based on your interests and needs for an immersive experience, a safe exploration, and a luxurious retreat all in one. Discover the magic of Italy and make unforgettable memories on our luxury tours designed exclusively for solo travelers.


Let us inspire you with some examples of what we can plan for you:

  • Private tours of historic landmarks and archaeological sites with expert guides
  • Immersive cultural experiences such as art workshops and opera performances
  • Behind-the-scenes access to local artisans
  • After-hour access and skip-the-line tickets to museums
  • Chauffeured car transfers
  • High-speed and historical train tickets
  • Exclusive shore excursions
  • Accommodation, including luxury hotels, private villas, and castles
  • Suggestions and booking for lunches and dinners
  • Skilled staff – local guides, drivers, chefs, personal shoppers


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