Meetings and Conferences across Italy

Navigating the complexities of planning and hosting a meeting or conference in Italy can be challenging, and the support of a local meeting and conference management company like ours can make a huge difference.

We deliver comprehensive support for your event, from conference planning services to execution. We offer secretariat services, venue finding, multilingual staffing solutions, including hostesses, interpreters, security personnel, and technical professionals, catering, technical equipment, decorations, transfers, and accommodation.

Beyond the essential conference services, we create tailored social programs that align with your event’s objectives and the diverse demographics of your delegates, as we have a long experience in dealing with participants from all over the world.

We can as well integrate your meetings with energizing social programs or networking activities for a comprehensive experience.

We care particularly for the well-being of participants and apply all the rules that contribute to safety also when large groups of people interact and many suppliers are involved.

Expertise Across Italy

Whether you are planning your annual corporate conference or partaking in a larger industry gathering, we can provide the local expertise and logistical support you need. 

Thanks to a wide network of suppliers, we can work directly in any significant destination across Italy.


Large conferences and meetings in Italy by Motivation

Solutions for conferences

Our flexible approach allows us to fully manage your event logistics or assist with specific elements, such as crafting engaging social programs.

We also offer bespoke services for small delegations attending larger international conferences, ensuring every aspect of their experience is carefully planned and executed.

Corporate meeting solutions

Every company has distinct needs, from seeking out easily accessible, center-located meeting venues to preferring settings away from the hustle and bustle to keep delegates focused. 

Whether you’re interested in unconventional venues or well-equipped meeting centers, off-the-beaten-track areas, or in-demand destinations in Italy, we can support you.

Itemized Pricing Structure

A clear pricing structure is key, particularly when relying on sponsorships or calculating daily delegate fees.

This is why we are committed to clarity in all the events we manage, including conferences and meetings.

We offer an itemized cost breakdown that can help you prioritize the expenses for your event or, if preferred, a comprehensive daily delegate package.



Over the years IADC has worked together with the team at Motivation on a number of events in Rome, Venice, the beautiful island of Capri and most recently Forte Di Marmi.

The Team’s wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and attention to detail, together with outstanding support in the run up to, during and after the event resulted in some wonderful programmes with both meeting and social elements.

We are always on the lookout for out of the ordinary activities and/or locations. One of my favourites being a private concert in the Basilica di San Marco, but there have been many other memorable moments. Although our events are, perhaps in terms of numbers, not particularly large with approximately 110 delegates in total, they do require a very high standard and Motivation has always delivered this.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Motivation to anyone looking for a partner to help make your event the best it can possibly be.
Melanie Taal
Project Manager IADC

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