Italy for Couples

Italy is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world as the country offers a wide choice of scenic views, enchanting cities, and unforgettable experiences.

Whether this is your inaugural journey to Italy or you have already explored much of our country, immerse yourself in style within Italy’s most romantic destinations.

Private Romantic Villa

An alternative to luxury hotels? Reveling in the verdant vistas of Tuscany or the azure expanse of the Amalfi Coast....[continue reading]

Culture and history

Special visits and private access. Enthusiasts of culture and history will be captivated by private guided tours exploring...[continue reading]

Romantic hiking paths

Panoramic walks at sunset. Active couples will undoubtedly enjoy romantic hiking tours...[continue reading]

Food and wine

Food and wine lovers will find many choices in Italy to satisfy their passion...[continue reading]

Italy lovers

Returning to Italy? For travelers who enjoy returning to Italy, there are always uncommon destinations...[continue reading]

Special occasions in Italy

Choose Italy for your special occasions. Many places work as splendid ...[continue reading]

Our offer encompasses various experiences, from private tours of famous art cities to leisurely excursions in lush vineyards, from stunning architecture to Italian world-renowned gastronomy.

Do you share some interests with your significant other? Take custom-designed tours based on your common interests!

Thanks to our wealth of experience and insider knowledge in luxury travel all over Italy, we create customized tours tailored to your interests.

Each journey is thoughtfully planned and personalized, ensuring that every destination, activity, and experience aligns seamlessly with your tastes and preferences, crafting an unforgettable travel narrative distinctively yours.

Romantic luxury travel in Italy Capri

Stay at a romantic villa

Reveling in the verdant vistas of Tuscany or the azure expanse of the Amalfi Coast from the comfort of your private Italian villa is an alternative to traditional luxury hotels for those who seek more privacy.

We provide personalized assistance in selecting and reserving premium accommodations that blend contemporary luxuries with Italian charm ensuring all the services you might require during your stay to ensure a unique romantic retreat.

Culture and history

Enthusiasts of culture and history will be captivated by our private guided tours exploring the depths of Italy’s rich heritage, also with exclusive access.

Explore areas within the Vatican that are typically closed to the public, discover the ancient Mithraic temples of Rome that are often unknown to tourists, visit ancient cave dwellings inhabited since the Paleolithic period in Southern Italy, or enjoy the most beautiful Renaissance cities of Italy, like Urbino, Ferrara, Parma, and Mantua that are among the best places to stay in Italy for couples.

Romantic hiking paths

Active couples will undoubtedly enjoy our romantic hiking tours.

These tours offer opportunities to walk together with a private environmental guide at your own pace and marvel at captivating vistas from renowned trails such as the Path of Towers and Forts in Capri or the Path of Gods in Positano.

And what better way to conclude such a day than with a sunset champagne toast, offering a perfectly picturesque moment to remember?

Food and wine

Food and wine lovers will find many choices in Italy to satisfy their passion. You can dine in the best Michelin-star restaurants or try local organic food cooked healthily.

Tour famous vineyards developing around period villas or castles, and taste the best wines guided by professional sommeliers.

Combine food, wine, and olive oil tastings with visits to local markets and hands-on cooking classes, with chefs sharing their secrets.

Learn about a good Italian espresso and taste our best cappuccino with handmade pastries.

And what better way to conclude such a day than with a sunset champagne toast, offering a perfectly picturesque moment to remember?

Find more inspiration on our website dedicated to wine tours in Rome and all over Italy.

Italy lovers

Returnting to Italy? For travelers who enjoy returning to our country, there are always uncommon itineraries in Italy you can add to your basket and new activities to explore, even in the most popular romantic cities in Italy.

Each city has characteristics that help us add a special touch to your tours.

In Florence, uncover quaint, artisanal shops nestled within the city’s heart.

In Venice, gain a unique insider’s perspective on the city’s iconic gondolas by visiting a traditional squero.

In Rome, enjoy a memorable dinner facing the Colosseum.

Consider also lesser explored yet equally enchanting locales that can make your journey even more special. For instance, the Piedmont region is home to Alba, a hidden gem renowned as the truffle capital of the world, in an area that produces some of the best wines in Italy.

Alternatively, venture to the south down to Matera, where you can wander through the historical city center steeped in paleolithic history and stay at Francis Ford Coppola’s hotel Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, one hour drive from Matera.

Or experience the lovely atmosphere of smaller villages around Siena in Tuscany, in two of the most romantic places to stay in Tuscany: Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia.

Special occasions in Italy

Choose Italy for your special occasions. Many places work as splendid backgrounds for your romantic moments.

Consider surprising your significant other with a marriage proposal in Italy, maybe kissing each other on a private yacht in front of Capri at sunset.

Plan your Italy anniversary trip to end on a blossoming terrace overlooking Lake Como, toasting your life together with an Italian aperitivo.

You can blend romance with fun riding a vintage Vespa in Rome to the park facing the Colosseum. Surprise your partner with a gift carefully hidden in a picnic basket of Italian delicacies.

And if you feel adventurous, try an early morning hot-balloon flight over the Tuscan countryside ending with a surprise organic breakfast.

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Romantic and private swimming pool at luxury hotel in Rome

Avoid the crowd and experience the best of Italy

Nearly every city in Italy is perfect for couples, and above all, Rome, Venice, Florence, Lake Como, and the Amalfi Coast are internationally recognized for their romantic charm.

However, navigating throngs of tourists or encountering planning gaps can dampen the experience.

Our planners carefully craft your excursions, ensuring you can fully appreciate the popular romantic destinations in Italy without undue stress.

We believe that what travelers expect from their romantic luxury holidays in Italy is a harmonious balance between private moments, opportunities to explore the country’s finest offerings, and ample leisure time.

Let us guide you in choosing the most suitable accommodation, the best food and wine experiences, the must-see sites, and the top custom activities defining your romantic Italy tour. Instead of overwhelming crowds and an exhausting list of sights, try memorable experiences you can share and cherish.


Let us inspire you with some examples of what we can plan for you:

  • Private tours of historic landmarks and archaeological sites with expert guides
  • Immersive cultural experiences such as art workshops and opera performances
  • Behind-the-scenes access to local artisans
  • After-hour access and skip-the-line tickets to museums
  • Chauffeured car transfers
  • High-speed and historical train tickets
  • Exclusive shore excursions
  • Accommodation, including luxury hotels, private villas, and castles
  • Suggestions and booking for lunches and dinners
  • Skilled staff – local guides, drivers, chefs, personal shoppers


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