Boosting team collaboration

Team activities outside the usual daily environment can create long-lasting bonds and boost collaboration, especially in a time of hybrid and remote working.

If your team faces communication challenges or your workforce is spread across regions, introduce a team-building activity or a networking occasion in your next meeting or incentive programs in Italy.

We specialize in crafting custom team building and indoor and outdoor networking activities for small or large groups. We start from your specific needs to design and deliver projects all over Italy.

Motivation can work out a complete program, including all the logistics and incorporating the most suitable team activities based on your goals, the company’s values, the number of participants, and the destination selected.

Team building at Ivrea Carnival

In these years, we have designed many different kinds of activities, for example:

  • culinary contests
  • sailing regattas
  • urban discovery hunts
  • painting competitions
  • blind-tasting challenge
  • music-related team activities
  • photo-safaris
  • team filmmaking
  • vintage cars self-driving
  • orienteering
  • explorations by bike
  • canoeing

We plan your team-building event taking into account several crucial factors to ensure a successful and impactful experience. We first need to consider the size of your group. We can find the appropriate activity for small and large groups also based on the demographics of your participants.

Their age and job position also significantly shape the program that better suits the event, sometimes in a blend of activities that allows different characters to feel comfortable and valued.

Networking urban safari by bike

It is also essential for us to know the objective of your event – be it boosting morale, improving communication, identifying leaders, improving employer branding, or fostering creativity.

The chosen destination, the possibility of staying indoors or outdoors, and the available time also determine our recommendations to maximize your setting and schedule.

Then lastly, we, of course, respect your budget to offer value for the money invested.


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